Jewelry Care

  • All of our jewelry is made with solid metals. We ONLY use 100% sterling silver, gold, brass and copper. None of our jewelry is plated (in a few designs we use 14K vermeil chain, which is sterling silver coated with 14K gold), and we NEVER use nickel plated metal.
  • Sterling silver, brass and copper can tarnish over time. The patina that comes from tarnishing can create a lovely antique look of the metal. If you do not want this to happen to your jewelry, then the best way to avoid tarnishing is to store your jewelry in a clean, dry place away from moisture as much as possible. Please avoid wearing your jewelry when showering or swimming. The good news is that this tarnishing is easy to remove.
  • There are several ways to clean your jewelry at home. The best way is by using a polishing cloth that you can use to gently buff as needed. These polishing cloths are easily found online. My favorite is called a Sunshine Polishing cloth that contains gentle buffing compounds that will restore your piece to its original shine. Please keep in mind that these cloths should be used on metal only and kept away from most stones. A clean, dry, microfiber cloth will also work very well on all surfaces of jewelry, as well as stones.

With proper care your Blue Hour Designs jewelry will last a lifetime!