Blue Hour Designs specializes in beautifully modern and handcrafted jewelry. We design and fabricate all our jewelry from beginning to end in our studio outside of Boulder, Colorado. Everything that we create focuses on fine craftsmanship with a strong dose of creativity, which results in designs that are unique and one of a kind. We take a lot of pride in our work, pay a lot of attention to detail and strongly believe in using only high quality materials.

We also believe in responsible and mindful fabrication by incorporating eco-conscious practices in the process of metalsmithing. Whenever possible we replace commonly used chemicals with natural products. We also use recycled/reclaimed precious metals in all of our designs. These metals share the same exquisite beauty of mined precious metals but are recycled and eco-friendly.

The inspiration for our name 'blue hour' comes from the French expression 'l'heure bleue', which refers to twilight. Twilight has always been Alysia’s favorite and most inspiring time of day, and it is also a vivid part of her very first memory as a child.

Alysia is the heart, designer and metalsmith of blue hour designs. Norbert handles most of the business and marketing and also spends time in the studio providing input and helping with fabrication. We are a multi-cultural family and find inspiration for our jewelry in our backgrounds and frequent travels. Alysia is also influenced by sculptural forms and lines, which are the backdrop for many of her designs. She also draws much inspiration from shapes found in nature. All of this manifests into designs that embody a clean and modern aesthetic.

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Alysia Sánchez Melnikov & Norbert Melnikov